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Diving and Land Videos/Photos by Deb P.

See the World from Your Armchair!

This is the beginning of an adventure that we'd like you to share. Come dive with us in the Red Sea, in Costa Rica or in Hawaii. Relax on a beach in the Dominican Republic or on an live aboard in Egypt. You don't have bags to pack or airfare to pay.

The ocean is an amazing place, another world where you feel suspended in time and space. It's very quiet and peaceful down there. It's filled with fascinating fish, coral, sponges and other creatures. Every dive is a different experience, even if you visit the same location.

About Us

The purpose of this site is to show visitors the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants, and provide the visitor with new information on the underwater environment. Check out the links on the video descriptions to learn more about the sea creatures in the videos.

Deb P. has been diving since 1988. She learned to dive while planning a trip to Australia, which wasn't a bad place for someone's first dive vacation. While in Cairns, she rented a Nikonos V and got some experience with a film underwater camera. Two years later, she purchased her own Nikonos V and did still photography until she dropped the camera in the Galapagos (now some shark has a camera to take pictures of his buddies, ha, ha).

With some luck (and a bonus check), she was able to purchase a video camera and underwater housing and move to the world of video in 2002. She has been taking video ever since and loving it.

Gary A., Deb's part-time model, started diving in 1991 and helps carry her equipment (what else are dive buddies for??).

So how do we plan where we go? How do we find the next amazing diving experience? There are so many places to visit with the only limitations being time and money (of course). We get travel ideas by talking to other divers, reading diving magazines and going to dive symposiums.

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